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Linguistics Lecture Notes and Textbook Notes Combined Week 2

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Week 2 – Phonetics I - The speech process o SPEECH PRODUCTION  Mouth moves in the right way, lungs exhale air, and sounds are made o ACOUSTIC SIGNAL  Those sounds travel through the air to the receiver (ears) o SPEECH COMPREHENSION  The interpretation is matched to information stored in the brain - Phonetics o Divided into 3 parts  Articulatory phonetics  Basis for our study this year  Looks at how phones (sounds) are produced  Acoustic phonetics  Auditory phonetics - IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet o No language has 1-1 orthography for sounds o IPA allows us to determine a sound regardless of language o It is a standardized system for linguistic analysists http://www.langsci.ucl.ac.uk/ipa/ipachart.html - Vocal organs o Lungs  Provide air o Larynx & vocal folds  Create sound (vibration of vocal folds)  Vibrate only for voiced sounds  Are far apart and do not vibrate for voiceless sounds  Murmur/breathy voiced o Vocal folds loosely (and slowly) vibrating; glottis not fully closed  Whisper o Front portions of the vocal folds are pulled close together. o Vocal tract  Includes the:  Pharynx  Oral cavity o Upper/passive articulators  Upper lip  Upper teeth  Upper surface of mouth  Alveolar ridge  Hard palate  Velum  Uvula  Pharyngeal wall o Lower/active articulators  Lower lip  Lower teeth  Tongue  Tip  Blade  Body  Back/dorsum  Root  Nasal cavity o Occurs when the velum is lowered o Air passes through nose, not mouth  Filter the sound to create different sounds - Segments and sound classes o Segments: individual phones  Psychologically “real”  Move independently in speech o
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