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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

Jan 30Huge disease burdenEnteric virusOral fecal route of transmissionBest thing to do is dirnk lots of waterproblem with hydrationmaintain homeostasis with waterFor infants not a lot of water in ciruclation of bodyadulst are okayInfants less than two years old cannot drink water fast enoughrequire IV dripsToxigenic e coli not in develped wordl bc of water treatmentSignificant burden of diseaseMost in India southeast asia phillipines AfricaHit kids in ages btw seven montsh and thirtysix monthsRotaviruses are like reovirusesthey are everywhere in water humans soil etcOscillationnot sure why Death primarily in infantsin third worldMany serotypespick up more seroptyesbetter exposurebetter immunity to all rotaviruses out there1998live vaccineprevent severe diseasebut intuseption induced in minority of infantsuse withdrawn bc of fear of legal issuesRejected in developing world toobecause not standard of care in developed world In same family as reoviruse s same proteinaousHas three shelsouter composed of VP4 in red VP7 in yellow blue is VP6 inside that VP1 2 and 3 in side this is elevent double stranded RNARotawheelPolymerase is VP1 and VP3feeding of mRNA out of channel into cytoplasm of cellVery resistant to inactivation with general cleanerscleaners rip off membranesno membranes so hard to kill
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