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Chapter Public Concert/Classical Style

MUS302H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Public Concert/Classical Style: Concert Spirituel, Art Music, Rein

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Public Concert/Classical Style

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Week 1 readings:
Public Concerts
People were getting richer and finally had the ability to afford to organize public concerts.
Most successful Parisian Concert series known as Concert Spirituel.
o Introduced two-tiered price scheme to make it accessible for different classes of society
o Institution of concert
Entrepreneurs offered concerts in the Vauxhall Gardens where the audience was not separated
by class.
o Opened to all paying customers.
o Nobility still occupied the front and best seats.
Classical music was becoming public entertainment.
Classical Style
Classical is defined as serious or art music of the West distinguished from other types of music.
Classical belongs to a specific historical period (1750-1820).
Derived from Latin meaning something of first rank or highest quality.
The 18th century was where young aristocrats made the grand tour of Italy.
The Enlightenment
Period where thinkers gave free rein to pursuit of truth and discovery of natural laws.
o Rise of religion called Deism.
o Scientific advances and encyclopedias appeared
o Principles of social justice, equality, tolerance of thought and speech
The Age of Reason gave way to the Age of Revolution.
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