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Chapter Week 3

MUS302H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Week 3: Symphonie Fantastique, Cor Anglais, French Horn

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Week 3

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Week 3 Readings:
Symphonie Fantastique (1830):
Berlioz’s ost faous ork, ost radial eaple of Roati usi.
Vivid storytelling
Berlioz was amazed with Shakespeare plays such as Hamlet, fell in love with leading lady who
played Ophelia and Juliet.
Symphonie Fantastique was based on his all-consuming love for the leading lady, the despair of
rejection, and the vision of darkness and possible death.
Five movements instead of 4, may be inspired by Shakespeare.
o Movements 1 and 5, 2 and 4 balance each other.
o Idée fixe (fixed idea) : single melody that reappears as a unifying force.
First Movement: Reveries, Passions
o State of melancholy reverie from seeing this woman for the first time, interrupted by a
few moments of joy, with movements of fury, jealousy, and its return to tenderness,
tears, and religious consolation.
o Slow introduction prepares the way for the first vision of the beloved, who is
represented by the first appearance of the main theme, the idée fixe.
o Sonata-allegro form
Recapitulation transfors the elod to reflet the artist’s feeligs of sorro
and tenderness.
Second Movement: A Ball
o Waltz theme interrupted by idée fixe, rhythm changed to accommodate the triple meter
of the waltz.
o 4 harps playing, lovely solo for cornet at the end.
o Ternary form
Third Movement: Scene in the Country
o Shepherds piping in the distance, reflects upon his isolation and hopes that soon he will
no longer be alone
Presented by English horn and oboe
Idée fixe in the woodwinds suggests that the artist has hopes of winning his
Ooe does’t respod to Eglish hor. Call for loe goes uasered.
Fourth Movement: March to the Scaffold
o Artist poisons himself with opium, plunged into sleep accompanied by nightmares of
him having killed his beloved, and is led to the scaffold and witnesses his own execution.
Steady beat of low strings and muffled bass drum
Image of beloved returns with clarinet near the end
Cut off by fortissimo crash by the full orchestra, signaling the head chopping off.
Fifth Moveet: Drea of the Withes’ Saath
o Artist sees himself surrounded by a group of frightening witches and other monsters
gathered for his funeral. Beloved joins in on the devilish orgy.
o Ghouls are summoned to dance around the artist.
Eerie sounds produced by muted strings, woodwinds and French horn.
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