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Nick Mount

Jan 20th    Colonial Encounter, Discourse (part 2) -Externally derived knowledge -Inequality/asymmetry -Africa as invention -Otherness/abjection – core to discourse -Silence of African voices Material interests of Europe had consequences on the knowledge produced about Africa. Myth of the dark continent. o Formation of the modern world, ushering in of the Modern world, o Expansion of Modern relations/modern socio-economic relations, about Europe colonizing the world. Late 1800s Mudimbe: 3 Elements of Colonizing Structure o Domination o Reformation o Integration Legitimated by discourse. Domination: taking over space. Reformation: of the savage mind, incapability of self-awareness forAfrican (need for Christian salvation and Western education), logic of commerce – demands that we are extricated from our idleness. The idle native. Integration: reshape culture to become European. How didAfrica become integrated? Suits the needs and desires of Europe. Local economic histories, reshaping of economic systems and material cultures to bring them into conformity with Europe. Company colonialism: people removed from their land, economy would be defined by a particular need of the Europeans. Nigeria (vegetable oil), a need of the Europeans. The project of colonialism, en
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