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Brian Baigrie

[PHL 201: LOGICAL TOOLKIT LECTURE 1 ] 1 LOGICAL TOOLKIT LOGIC AND PHILOSOPHY 1. Philosophy is about asking questions (does God exist? What can we know?) 2. Since not everyone is going to agree on the correct answers to these questions, it is extremely important to give reasons WHY you think one answer is better than another! 3. In the process of giving reasons, you are doing what we call as logical thinking. 4. Logic is just another way to articulate clearly of your reasons 5. If we want to persuade someone of our reasons, we must think logically for them to believe our position ARGUMENTS 1. Argument is not just some verbal dispute 2. An argument is a series of statements where the last statement supposedly follows from, or supported by the first statements 3. The last statement is called the conclusion 4. The first statements are called as premises 5. For example: a. Everyone who lives in Los Angeles lives in California b. Alvin lives in Los Angeles c. Therefore, Alvin lives in California i. First, we know that Alvin lives in Los Angeles ii. Second, we know that Los Angeles is in California iii. So, anyone who lives in Los Angeles automatically lives in California iv. In this example, if you were to accept the two premises, you would have to accept the conclusion v. This is a good argument. www.notesolution.com
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