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Brian Baigrie

[PHL201: EXAM NOTES LECTURE 2] 1 NATURAL THEOLOGY BY WILLIAM PALEY CHAPTER 1 STATE OF THE ARGUMENT 1. Things that are made must have had a maker 2. That there must have existed, at sometime and at some place or other, 3. An artificer or artificers, who formed it for the purpose which we find it actually to answer; (who comprehended its construction, and designed its use) The Analogical Teleological Argument of Paley: If I stumbled on a stone and asked how it came to be there, it would be difficult to show that the answer, it has lain there forever is absurd. Yet this is not true if the stone were to be a watch 1. According to Paley, the interpretation from the observation of the sophisticated design of the universe to the conclusion of a universe-maker who constructed and designed its use would be predictable. 2. The inference is as follows: 1. Watch: watch maker = universe: universe maker 2. Just as the function and complexity of a watch implies a watchmaker, so likewise the function and complexity of the universe implies the existence of a universe-maker. 3. Paley thinks the following excuses (i.e., possible objections) are inadequate to disprove the argument. Objection 1: We never knew the artist capable of making a watch (a universe) or we do not know how the work was accomplished. Paleys response 1: Just because we dont know who the artist might be, it doesnt follow that we cannot know that there is one. Objection 2: The parts of the watch (universe) do not work perfectly; the designer is not evident. Paleys response 2: It is not necessary to show that something is perfect in order to show that there is a design. www.notesolution.com
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