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Brian Baigrie

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[PHL201: EXAM NOTES LECTURE 2] 1 THE WAGER BY BLAISE PASCAL Is it safer to believe in God even if theres no proof that God exists? Pascals four statements: 1. One does not know whether God exists 2. Not believing in God is bad for ones eternal soul if God does exists 3. Believing in God is of no consequence if God does not exist 4. Therefore it is in ones interest to believe in God ARGUMENTS: 1. Argument #1: from super dominance: a. The possibility that God exists is greater than zero b. If you assume that God exists, and he does, then you have gained everything in eternity in Heaven c. If God does not exists, then you have lost nothing (thus, the Bible is wrong) d. Therefore, the better bet is to assume that God does exist 2. Argument #2: from expectation:
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