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Chris Garside

In book 2 of Confessions, Augustine reflects on his actions at the time of his adolescence which he believes to have no justification, rather he had a negative motivation in performing the action. I believe that he has had a positive motivation to which he performed the action. I will be focusing on the theme in book 2, which is motivation, as well as related themes presented in book 3, 7, and 8, which puts our focus onto evil and the will of humans. A passage to which I believe will help add some perspective is: “I did not know evil has no existence except as a privation of good, down to the level which is altogether without being”. (Confessions, 3.7.12) This passage shows that Augustine claims that evil has no clear state of existence; evil is viewed as a lesser of two goods, so it does not really exist. Augustine claims that choosing the lesser of two evils places one closer to the bottom of
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