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- Casual sex = occurring outside the context of a relationship (442) - Casual sex = where both parties don’t want the sex to lead to any commitment (no strings attached) (443) - Must each party intend for the act not to lead to commitment or is it enough that just one does? (443) - Objectification assumes that humans have a special property that is not being respected in this case (445) - Someone can intentionally or unintentionally objectify, without the moral judgment of the objectification changing (445) - If humans are nothing but objects to begin with, except for having the morally inflated name of person, then there is nothing wrong with objectification (445) - If humans aren’t objects but aren’t better than objects, then there is nothing wrong with objectification (445) - Can’t we objectify someone by viewing him as an object without necessarily treating him as an object? (446) - For actual degradation to occur, some form of negative treatment must occur, since viewing someone negatively doesn’t actually hurt them but only reflects badly on the person doing the viewing (446) - Objectification requires treating a person as merely an object (448) - Is objectification a necessary part of casual sex? (448) - One might say yes because in engaging in it, people have no strings attached sex for mere sexual pleasure, so they treat each other as objects, as tools for achieving this purpose
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