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Ronniede Sousa

- Natural sex = where humans have sex to reproduce - Unnatural sex = sex with the same sex or with animals - The natural union of the sexes comes from an animal instinct (libido) or according to the law - The latter is a union of two different sexed persons for the purposes of reproduction - The end here is to produce and educate children, which can be seen as the purpose of implanting desire and sexual inclination in the sexes - But reproducing and raising kids isn’t the only point of the union, since if so, people would separate when they were done having kids - If a man and a woman want to have sex, they should marry – this is according to reason - Using the other person as a sexual object is contrary to human dignity - But if one person is treated as a sexual object by another and vice versa, then the rational personality is re-established because there is unity wherein the actors are equal - Marriage is the only way that sex can be dignified because it’s the only way that both people are giving up rights to the other and are thus on equal footing - Marriage can only be realized in monogamy because otherwise there is inequality, and the person they are sleeping with is being used as a thing - Concubinage cannot be moral because it hires a person for the use of their body, so anyone entering into a contract such as this would actually be surrendering their own will and agreeing to use their body as a thing - This is also true if one party in a marriage has more status than another, because this relationship is similar to concubinage - Saying that the woman must obey her husband is then problematic, except if we accept that men have greater mental faculties than women, in which case this would simply be adhering to a natural law - The contract of marriage is only completed by conjugal cohabitation - If people are unable to have sex before they marry, the marriage isn’t real, but if this incapacity arrives after marriage, then it is real - People enter into the marriage union through agreeing to solely possess the other’s sexual faculties - People have an inclination that is an appetite for enjoying another human being – the sexual impulse - There is no way a human can be made an object of indulgence for another except through sexual impulse - A love that comes merely from sexual
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