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University of Toronto St. George
Ronniede Sousa

- Living species change depending on geographical location as they adapt to environment - How can we determine species membership when the species’ physical attributes change depending on location? - We could say for example that a robin is any bird between six and seven inches long with an orange or red breast, and this would be good because then all robins are equal and no one type of robin is privileged or considered the “true” robin over the others - Some evolutionary biologists are positive about the rainbow because diversity in a species is good for a changing environment - But others are negative about the rainbow because they believe all gene pools are loaded with bad genes that will cause our kids to die if we choose the wrong marriage partner - Some species can reproduce sexually or asexually - Sexual reproduction cuts a species' population growth in half, which is the cost of sex - Female species can out produce a male/female species, which is helpful for survival in high mortality habitats - Asexual species are evolutionary dead ends because once the environment changes or once they are infected with a bad gene, the species can't continue - Diversity affirming theory of sex - diversity is important to survive changing weather, predators, etc. - Diversity repressing theory of sex - sex protects the genetic quality of a spe
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