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PHL265 SUN 25 Sept 2011 Reading Notes on Hobbes Leviathan Chapters 18 19 31Chapter 18 Of the Rights of Sovereigns by InstitutionsCommonwealth by Institutionwhen a multitude of men agree and covenant every one with every one that a man or assembly shall be given the right to represent them all those who voted for and against him in order so that all men may live peaceably amongst themselves and be protected from other men it is injustice for a man to do anything for which he may be punished by his own authority and is thus unjust a covenant cannot be broken by the sovereign and cannot be changed or remade by the subjects of the contract there is no covenant with God unless made with someone representing God and cannot be made instead of an existing covenant there can be no breach of covenant by sovereign or subjects it is in vain to grant sovereignty by way of precedent covenant because man breaks his previous contract and regains his right in the state of nature if he does so no man can without injustice protect against the institution of the sovereignthe sovereigns actions cannot be justly accused by the subjects every man is author of all the sovereign has and so he who complains of injury from his sovereign complains of
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