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University of Toronto St. George
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Phl 273 chapter 2biocentrism; sections A+B ch 3 section B  Biocentrism= the view that living things can benefit from and be harmed by human actions and that this fact places moral constraints on how we are to treat them  Should trees have standing? Article o Each time there is movement to confer rights onto some new entity the proposal is bound to sound odd or laughable because until the rightless things has rights we cant see it as anything but a thing for human uset is no answer to say that streams and forests cant have standing b/c they cant speak.  Corporations cannot speak either nor can infants or universities; people speak for them, lawyers speak for them  So who is going to speak for the trees? Ecosystems? Streams? Etc  Stone identifies a number of factors that have contributed to the notion of natural objects have no moral standing: o 1. Natural objects can’t be injured o 2. In our culture the notion that things could be otherwise with natural objects is unthinkable o People are too concerned with humankind  If natural disasters occur people are more concerned with how it affects them rather than how it affects their env  Aristotle has a functional understanding of natural objects o Ex: a knife is used to cut t
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