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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

 Jane goodall interview regarding animal welfarism:  Confined animals differ greatly from the wild. In captivity these animals have no predators  The threat of disease is also eliminated and food is always available  People go in the zoos for interactions and experience with the animals  Engage animals in both nature and captivity with an ethical mindset and intellectual fervor.  Animals that, in the wild, roam for many kilometres in a single day over varied terrain, hunting or foraging for food are instead confined to small, featureless cages that fail completely to stimulate their natural behaviours. Deprived of opportunities to engage in natural activities,their lives become as empty as the wire-mesh and steel- barred prisons they are forced to inhabit  An animal kept confined in a zoo will have different characteristics and develop behavior far different than it would have developed in the wild.  Even though the animals size , structure and color of their skin may remain same but their attitudes, perception and behavior to their surrounding environment will be far different. Would we ever treat a desktop pc and a MAC laptop in a similar way? Even they look the same their operating system is quite different than one of the other.  Animals are not happy when captivated in small cages built with iron bars  Zoos can educate people the fact that wild animals are vanishing and working together we can save these endangered species.  Zoo animals are ambassadors of their cousins in the wild  The best place of animals is in the w
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