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parfit reading summary notes

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Parfit reading summary notes PHL275 What makes someone’s life go best? Theories of self-interest • Hedonistic theories: the best thing for someone is what makes them the happiest • Desire-Fulfillment theories: what is best is what throughout their life would best fulfill their desires [Parfit thinks we should reject this theory] ex. of wishing a stranger was cured and later on is cured and as a result, this makes your life go better and is good for you. • Objective List Theories: what’s best are certain things are good or bad for us, whether or not we want to have those good things or if we want to avoid the bad things • Pain and pleasure have one thing in common: relation to our desires • All pleasures when experienced are wanted, and the more you want them, the more pleasure • Preference hedonism: one of two experiences is more pleasant if it preferred o Ex. of partying or reading King Lear. Do the one that makes you most happy and the one you prefer o Better for you if you are not being deceived o Once you are dead, nothing bad can happen to you • Success theory: appeals to all our preferences about our own lives. It is worse for you if your belief is false or based on false information because you have a strong desire for your own life and you should
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