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Donald Ainslie

Mahowald Reading Bioethics Decisions regarding disabled newborns Neonatal intensive care are still comparatively unavailable or inaccessible to the populations of the less developed nations Infanticide was at one time practiced in many cultures, including the western world- infants were not killed outright but were rather left to die either because they were defective, twins, illegitimate or female Little distinction between killing and letting die Indirect infanticide could be the refusal of providing an IV nutrition to an infant who is incapable of normal digestion Robert Weir argues that it is sometimes morally justified to terminate an infants life directly and actively Patient autonomy is then turned over to the parents who makes decisions on behalf of their children Parental rights in the case of infants are generally perceived as primary, requiring practitioners to respect their decisions even if they involve refusal of life- prolonging treatment There is an inevitable connection between very low birth weight babies and disabled infants The Doe Babies Case one: little boy born with down syndrome and esophageal
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