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University of Toronto St. George
Donald Ainslie

Tucker Reading Bioethics Deaf culture, Cochlear Implants and Elective Disability People call themselves deaf or Deaf Those who call themselves deaf are those who even though they cannot hear, they have assimilated into hearing society and do not view themselves as a separate culture Those who call themselves Deaf are those who view and define deaf as a cultural identity rather than a disability; they insist this culture be nourished and maintained A cochlear implant is a device that helps people hear and can restore speech to those who are profoundly or severely deaf Cochlear implants are extremely beneficial to those who are deaf in many ways but the Deaf culturists oppose them Theory of deaf culture comprised on American Sign Language Deaf culturists claim the fact of cultural diversity which should be cherished not fixed or erased Many deaf people would like to be like normal people Many Deaf parents want Deaf children to pass on their culture to Many couples choose to not have deaf children and go to get tested to see if the child has the deaf gene Choosing to have a deaf child violates that childs autonomy and narrows their
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