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19 Apr 2012
PHL265 W Sept 14, 2011 Hobbes Leviathan Chapters 10 and 11 Reading Notes
Power of man his present means to obtain some future good; is instrumental or original
Natural Power prudence, eloquence, strength, form
Instrumental Power acquired by natural power or by fortune and are tools to acquire more, such as riches, friends,
reputation, luck
-the greatest human power is compounded e.g. to have friends is power
-power is that which makes men feared or loved, and being either feared or loved is power
Worth the price given for the use of a man’s power, but must be judged by another and by need for his use
-the true value of a man is no more than it is esteemed by others
-to value a man at a high worth is to honour him, and to dishonour him with a low value of worth
Felicity a continual progress of the desire, from one object to another, the attaining of the former being the way to the
-all men possess a perpetual and restless desire of power after power, that ceaseth only in death
-man cannot assure the power and means to live well without the acquisition of ‘more’
-men who pursue the same things contend against one another
-a desire of leisure and protection from some other power than their own, cause men to obey a common power
-man’s curiosity to seek the cause of an effect causes him to believe in God, and fear of things invisible creates religion
-those who create religion intend to use it to govern others and use and collect their powers to the maximum thus
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