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Classical Mechanics

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Vatche Deyirmenjian

Classical Mechanics! So, what is Motion? Everything in the universe moves. 1. Motion is one part of what physicists call as Mechanics. The physics of motion is all about forces! 2. Forces need to act upon an object to get it moving, or to change its direction 3. Because, changes in motion do not just happen on its own! So we need forces to get things happen! 4. Physicists uses standard deviations of second(s), meter (m), and kilogram (kg) when they study motions of an object Velocity and Speed? Are they the same thing? No! Velocity is a vector, whereas speed is not. Vector is a numerical value in a specific direction, and used to describe a specific amount of force and its direction! The amount of force is what we call as magnitude. Velocity! 1. Therefore, velocity is the speed of an object and the direction it is moving. 2. Velocity is also the rate of motion in specific direction 3. Velocity can be constant or it can change by acceleration (forces) Speed! 1. Speed, can be calculated by the formula of: (Change in positiondistance) (change in time) 2. Speed with a direction is velocity Thought Experiment: If I tell you Im driving north and ask you how long until we get to the city. You cant know the answer since you dont know my speed. You need both values. www.notesolution.com
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