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CALCIUM BALANCE CHP 19 (552-553) Calcium Balance  Ca triggers exocytosis of chemical messengers, stimulates secretion of substances, stimulates muscle contractions, and increases the contractility of the heart and blood vessels. Important for bones.  Hypercalcemia results with muscle weakness, atrophy, lethargy, behavioral changes, hypertension, sontipatino, and nausea.  Hypocalcemia causes numbness and tingling sensations, muscle cramps and spasms, exaggerated reflexes and hypotension.  Ca can be added to the plasma from bone and absorbed via the digestive tract. It can be removed from the plasma by bone and the kidneys.  The bone provides a reservoir of Ca through resorption. When plasma Ca levels are high, Ca can be deposited into bone. RENAL HANDLING OF CA IONS  Ca is transported in blood by carrier proteins or is free in the plasma. Ca that is free in the plasma is freely filtered at the glomerulus.  99% of filtered Ca is reabsorbed as the tubular fluid moves through the renal tubules.  70% of Ca is reabsorbed in the proximal tubules, 20% in the thick ascending limbs of the loops of Henle, and 10% in the distal tubules. HORMONAL CONTROL OF PLASMA CA CONCENTRATIONS  EFFECTS OF PARATHYROID HORMONE o PTH is a peptide hormone produced in the parathyroid glands and secreted in response to a decrease in plasma [Ca]. o It stimulates Ca reabsorption in the ascending lum
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