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Chapter 5

chapter 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Doug Mac Kay

Chapter FiveSENSATIONread monsters from the forest on pg 128 just in caseOur senses are the way we experience the worldEverything we learn is detected by sense organs and transmitted to our brains by sensory nervesWithout sensory inputour brains would be useless would learn nothing no thoughts no experiencesSense organssensory nerves evolved to provide us with useful information about external worldoEvolving depends on specific modality of info characteristics of info and state of brain when it receives the infoDifferences between sources of info in the environment have important results for the way in which sensory systems PROCESS that informationExample Difference between the world as we SEE it and HEAR itoVisual scene received by our eyes changes fast because we move our body our head and our eyes Kind of like a visual picture frame It quickly moves as we shift our eyes around the roomo However we sense our visual world as STABLE oHowever sound is not so variableoIts intensity changes as we move towards and away from origin bu
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