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Chapter 4

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Political Science
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Chapter 4
What drives Democracy: the Internal Factors
- authoritarian regimes are legitimate when they are seen as the most appropriate
form of government for their country
- when it does not deliver what the people expect in exchange for authoritarian rule
over order and economic development it forfeits its only basis of legitimacy
- however, changing international circumstances increased the sense that
authoritarian regimes lack legitimacy not only among its people but among
powerful states globally
- although force is somewhat necessary to compel compliance and punish behavior
directed against the system, it is not the only thing backing a regime there must be
a large majority of the population that believe in the regime
Authoritarian Divisions
- Divisions within the leadership of the regime or the support base of the regime are
major factors in democratic transition
- Usually the ruler loses its will/ cohesion before it loses its power
- They lose this power when they become unneeded due to poor economic and
political performance
Authoritarian Development
- economic development increased the cha chances of democracy and freedom
- therefore development makes democracy more likely to emerge and to be
Free Values
- Economic development transforms a society in several ways that make it more
difficult to sustain the concentration of power in one man, party, elite group. Why?
a) Alters the countries social and economic structure, widely dispersing
power and resources (balance of power shifts from the sate to the
- education leads to an increase in equality making the transition to democracy
more likely to survive
- as a middle class emerges they become confident in their ability to advance their
interest through electoral politics
- increasing global communications
- access to technology
- formation of organizations such as trade unions, human rights, civic groups that
sophisticate with economic development and become more capable of challenging
the state= vibrant society
b) shifts attitudes and values of the country in a democratic direction
- people will access to all of the bullets under a) are more tolerant respectful and
trusting of minority rights and groups
The Rise of Civil Society??????
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