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Chapter 12

POL101Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Islamic Fundamentalism, Populism, Geopolitics

Political Science
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Chapter 12
Can the Middle East Democratize?
Monarchy, Populism, and Islam
- problems are severe political polarization and dramatic gains by Islamist
- voters choosing on the basis of ethnic and sectarian loyalties
- but after much of the violence that has been association with transitioning to
democracy many Arab nations have used it to show their people that
democracy only brings chaos
- main issue is the Islamic fundamentalism
- Authoritarians also have become more strict with limiting protests
- many of the tactics he used during the USA invasion only bright more
instability and supported terror
Democratic Prospects
- not about culture, society, or religion, its about the regimes themselves and
the geopolitics
- there is actually support for democracy from the people
- but where the problem assists is whether the democracy people want is
secular or not (split between the population)
- their needs to be dialogue between the regimes and their opposition, both
secular and Islamist, between Islamists and secularists within Arab politics
and civil society, and between the Islamists and the major western
governments (particularly the USA)
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