POL101Y1 Chapter Notes -Jean Charest, Tory, Red Tory

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3 Dec 2010
Chapter 11: toryism and the conservative party in a neoliberal era:
in fall of 1996 leader of PC Jean Charest released his platform for 1997
election.promised to reduce progressivity of income tax system, lower corporate taxes
cut gvmt spending and contract public services to private sector.. it seemed that the
conservatives had embraced hyper-liberal market enthusiasm of new right and that old
style toryism, with its emphasis on community, social order and active state was
without a partisan home.
on all but the quebec question and narrow range of social issues, conservatives had
transformed itself into mirror image of reform
then in 1998 conservatives selected joe clark, known for his red-toryism to replace
departing charest. joe clark seems to have interest in strengthening toryism, but it
faces hurdles which may lead to its demise.
ideological tories value community, tradition, and social order. not adverse to free-
market entreprise or self reliance but willing to suport an activist state to ensure social
order. toryism right wing commitment to social order based on consensual and
inclusive sense of community
pc has historically been liberal. but socialism and conservative toryism still important
arguably canada is tory-touch liberal, moreover this tory touch has led to canada
society more receptive to socialist/social democratic ideas compared to liberal society
of US.
Conservative Party has been touched by democratic “red toryism”, and elitist “high
toryism”. this has created tensions, & contradictions within conserv tory thought.
4 ESSENTIAl tenets of toryism that are important to all tory thinkers
tradition, faith in est. social structures ie. the church family/ natural hierarchy
sense of community. sum greater than parts
order over liberty. willing to use state power to ensure order
politics over economics.
red tories more modern, democratic and interested in conditions of average ppl, still
accepted of social hierarchies but emphasis of well to do ensure wellbeing of less
high tories, social obligation in private charity,
**conservative toryism seldom fully overshadowed parties commitment to principles of
market liberalism
macdonald, blend of toryism and market liberalism
borden continued blend
diefenbaker/stanfield proponents of democratic red toryism
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