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POL101Y1 Chapter Notes -Puritans, Homo Economicus

Political Science
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Poli Sci Reading for Jan 20th
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism ~ CH.5
Asceticism opposed the spontaneous enjoyment of life and its opportunities.
such enjoyment leads people away from work in calling & religion
Puritans rejected the spending of money on entertainment that didn’t serve
God’s glory
They felt a duty to hold and increase their possessions
It was ascetic Protestantism that gave this attitude it’s ethical
Asceticism condemned dishonesty and impulsive greed
Pursuit of wealth in itself was bad, but attaining it as the result of
one’s labor was a sign of God’s blessing
Puritan outlook favored the development of rational bourgeois economic
life, and “stood at the cradle of the modern economic man”
Once attained wealth had a secularizing effect
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