POL203Y1 Chapter Notes -The Federalist Papers

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11 Apr 2012

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POL203Y1: U.S. Government and Politics September 29th, 2011.
The Federalist Papers #45: The Alleged Danger From the Powers of the
Union to the State Governments Considered
Federalist Paper #45
The critics of the U.S. Constitution worry that too much power has been placed in
the central gov’t under the proposed plan of gov’t
However, they do not think about how much strength is required in a gov’t to
sustain the union
If the union is necessary for the safety and happiness of the American ppl, it is
foolish to spend time arguing against the gov’t that can sustain that happiness
because that gov’t takes rights away from the individual states
Every gov’t should be designed w/ the best interests of the ppl in mind
If the Constitutional Convention had proposed a plan w/out that goal in mind,
then the plan should rightfully be rejected
There are many examples from ancient and modern confederacies that prove that
the individual members often betray the union
Since the states, under the U.S. Constitution, keep a lot of power it is important to
analyze whether enough checks have been placed on their authority to hurt the
The state gov’ts gain from the relationship w/ the federal gov’t
The federal gov’t serves to protect states from disputes w/ their neighbors, to
grant powers in the state gov’ts and to provide the additional support of the ppl
The federal gov’t cannot run w/o the state gov’ts
The state legislatures are the ones to elect the President of the United States, and
to select the state Senators
Each branch of the federal gov’t relies in these ways upon the state gov’ts and
will feel dependence towards them
The number of federal employees will be much smaller than the total number of
all the state employees
The state gov’t employees will have more influence because of their larger
State tax collectors will be much more present in the community than federal tax
collectors which will focus on collecting tariffs on the seas
Even if federal tax collectors are to be appointed, they would be much smaller in
number than all of the state tax collectors
The powers granted to the federal gov’t are few and specific and will be exercised
towards external parties
Powers granted to the states are many and general and focused solely on internal
The federal gov’t will be the most important in times of war and danger, the state
gov’t in times of peace and security
The more powerful the federal gov’t is to deal w/ war and danger, the less likely
the will need to be most active
The proposed plan of gov’t does not propose new powers, but a strengthening of
the original powers that were vested in it under the Articles of Confederation
The change does not enlarge powers, just proposes a new way of administering
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