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Chapter 15

POL208Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Top Media, Consumer Choice, Internet Governance

Political Science
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Seva Gunitsky

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Our own particular time and place shapes how we know world
First-hand information must be gathered, constructed, sent
Need forms of media to convey information (technology)
We know and formulate opinions by consuming and interpreting media
All media is inevitably biased --> situated
Protect / classify information in the name of national security
Government discourages watchdog tendencies during ties of war
Media attempts to be watchdog
Government uses media as a mouthpiece
Unprecedented access to battlefield
New technologies and TV
Graphic = worse opinions
War 'lost in living rooms'
Restricted media access
Media generally supported the war
24/7 broadcasting
Military no longer controlled and censored reporters, but had to
respond (reactive)
Attempts to control
New subtle form of information management
Embedded in military
Journalists became tool of propaganda
Increasing use of independent media sites
More discussion
Personal accounts
Power and reach of internet
Media Bias
Will always be both watchdog and mouthpiece
Values and realities of liberal-democratic society
Informs public and acts as watchdog on those in power
Consumer choice, range of options --> forms general consensus
Hierarchical society
Power concentrated at the top
Encourage idea that hierarchy is good for everyone
Discourage the fact that elites benefit disproportionately
Media works to secure the interests of the elite
Can critique politicians but not foundations of political power
Give impression of being check on government power but controls /
confines terms to avoid questioning system
Critical Perspective
Media, Power, and Democracy
How do we find out what is going on in the world
15: Technology, Media, and Information
January 31, 2018
10:00 AM
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