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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Notes

Political Science
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John Haines

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Political Science 208: Introduction to International Relations
Liberalism is the historic alternative to Realism
! 20th century influenced policy-making elites and public opinion
! Post WW1 ! Idealism
! Birth of UN led to resurgence of liberalism but died b/c of cold war
1990s there was New World Order among Western state leaders so liberalism came
back but 9/11 took it back to realism
Not very popular worldwide
Self-restrain, moderation, compromise and whereas international politics is
troubled or the state of war
Power politics is the product of ideas and ideas can change
Four main factors
! All citizens are judicially equal and posses certain basic rights
! Education, access to free press and freedom of religion
! The legislative assembly of the state possess only the authority the people give
it and it cant abuse the peoples rights
! The individual has the right to own property (including productive forces)
! The most effective economic system is one that is market driven
Conservatism says that its ok to sacrifice individual needs for community
Liberalism in international context
! The identity of the state determines its outward orientation
! Replace the individual by the state
! Certain rights such as right to non intervention on domestic affairs
! Domestic analogy ! extension of ideas which originated inside liberal states to
the international realm
! Just order
Agree with Realists that war is recurring feature of archaic state system (the
ordering principle of international politics according to Realism)
! However- liberalists dont city anarchy as cause of war
! Cite Imperialism, failure of balance of power & undemocratic regimes.
Collective security: each state in the system accepts that the security of one is the
concern of all and agrees to join in a collective response against aggression
! Alliance system
Commitment to freedom in the socioeconomic spheres leans to minimalist
intervention but want democratic political culture which requires intervention
Enlightenment: associated with radical thinkers of the 18th century
! Immanuel Kant & Jeremy Bentham
! Reacting to lawless state of savagery
! Elaborate plans for perpetual !
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