POL214Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Treasury Board Secretariat, Responsible Government

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most people expect bureaucracy should be representative of the population it serves. not realistic or desirable to expect political neutrality. charter of rights and freedoms in 1982- welcomed by those who thought judges were more reliable in protected rights and promote democracy: the executive branch. responsible for appointing the governor general [michaelle. mainly symbolic functions, the real decision making powers are exercised by the prime minister [head of cabinet and government] constitutional convention is far more important that the discretion of the monarch in cases such as the selection of pm and dissolution of parliament. when one party wins majority, the choice of pm is automatic. if no majority, the party with more seats, leader of that party given the chance to try and form a government. if no support, then monarch"s representative may turn to the leader of another party (a) ontario 1985 after provincial election.