POL215Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Authoritarianism, Douglas Macarthur

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12 Nov 2011
Ernie Tam
Chapter 3-Looking at the Sun-The American Years
The occupation of Japan by Americans showed that factories were not
Meji Era was when centuries of Japanese isolation finally ended
whereas the occupation marked the great bitterness of the Japanese.
The Japanese were surprisingly accepting of the occupation and were
“gracious losers” ready to work and rebuild the country.
oIn August 1945, Japanese women/citizens were ready to kill the
invading Americans by any means possible
oBy August 1950, more than 2/3 of Japanese embraced Americans
and hated the Soviets.
John Welfield “Washington became on a grander scale what
Chang’an had been for the aristocrats of the Heian era-The middle
Kingdom, the pinnacle of power and refinement, the leader whose
wishes must be accommodated and whose achievements must be
studied with care. “
There was land reform in Japan, where feudalism was abolished. Land
held by rich barons were soon divided up and given to citizens.
There will no longer be a military for air, land, or sea by Japan nor will
there be any policy for striking back (Article IX)
Big brother/little brother relationship with the United States
oAmerican wealth was needed such that the US is able to fund its
own military to protect Japan
America’s Changed View of Japan
There were several arguments as to why Japan became a rogue
country towards the United States.
Norman, Prominent writer in his time stated
oThe war had started because of the institutions put into place
during the Menji years.
oThe authoritarianism and all obsessive attempt to catch up with
the west naturally set up aggression in Asia towards the United
In order to keep Japan from going on a warpath, they must make it a
It was possible to remold Japan through the introduction of the Western
ideals such as three meals a day, universal suffrage etc…
David Halberstam quoted the reaction of Perry Miller “the whole
undertaking was an effort to make of Japan, a new Middle West; not of
course, the Middle West as it is, or in fact ever was, but as it
perpetually dreams of being”.
oThis showed the eagerness of Japan to learn from America
Individual Analysis of Douglas MacArthur
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