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POL215Y1 Chapter Notes -Single Market, Ocean Pacific, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Political Science
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Lynette Ong

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Ernie Tam
The Asianization of Asia; Asian defines itself
Searching for a New identity
Asians have at long last started to define what their regions are about
and what they represent,
The new Asian identity has four implications: Social, cultural,
economic and political implications.
oThe difference between the Western and Eastern ideals lies with
Human rights.
Japan and Korea sided with the US/European countries but
India and Philippines argued that human rights must be
held in context to economic growth.
The reason why it took so long for a new identity took place was a
direct result of several historical events: They are as follows:
o13th centuryMarco Polo landed in Asia and as a result was
plundered by these colonial powers.
o20th century “Asia as one” Japanese’s dream was shattered
with the Allied Forces Victory
oEnd of World War IIUnion between the African nations and Asia
but the relationship was frail as demonstrated by India’s clashes
with China.
The union was made because of their reactionary anti
colonialism/anti imperialism feelings.
Economic Awareness
Future economic development in countries such as Japan, China, Korea
“Common Civilization area”
oShared emotion facilitated economic co-operation
Fusion culture that carries Confucianism, Taoism, and
Economic vitality and interdependence among each other is what
strengthens Asia together.
oAmerican fever no longer translated into Asian being
affected.”-Malaysian Vice Minister of Trade Chun Jui Meng
Shows the significance of how much stronger the Asian
markets had become.
Asian multinational corporations use Japan’s quality control,
management style and technology.
oE.g. Factory in New Delhi India, The Japanese company Suzuki
teamed up with Indian government to produce the Maruti. (car)
Economic Unity through “one common culture”
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