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Chapter 2

POL312Y1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Canadian Economics Association, Middle Power, The Peripheral

Political Science
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Premises and Principles
The Struggle for Canada: The Primacy of Foreign Policy
FP occupies primacy in Canada's national life in five ways
o FP has been at the forefront of Canadian public policy
o FP is at the centre of two historical pieces of Canadian history
Canada's relations with the US
Maintaining national unity between English and French speakers
o FP is typically at centre of election debates and outcomes
o Canadians demand majority of leaders in the FP region
The Old Perspectives in the New World:
Three reasons for studying CFP
o Self-defence for Canadians
Canada as a penetrated power
o Canada as a model middle power
Canada as an internationalist middle power
o Canada that counts in the world
Canada as a major or principal power
Small-Power Self-Defence: The Peripheral Dependence Perspective
o Some claim the new world gives relevance to the peripheral dependence theory more
What supports these claims?
o Many argue through various examples of how Canada has shrunk as a power
Leigh Sarty
Suggests constraints of new world made Canada a fading power that
became marginalized
What are these 'constraints'?
National unity preoccupation of 1990s resulted in introspection and
subordination of FP to domestic politics
1990s; government legitimacy crisis and capacity with feeling of loss of
control due to transitional system of the 90s meant a reduced role for
Charles Doran
Argued for US policymakers to think about working with Canada that had
fragmented into several parts
The Model Middle Power: The Liberal Internationalist Perspective
o Three implications of the relevance of the LI perspective by Cooper
Canada will have to continue to be reactive and responsive to shift of thinking
regarding globalization, security, and interaction of domestic + international
Ground for Canada to present ideas within international system has grown
Canada is well placed to take advantage of premium new world has placed on
diplomatic flexibility and speed
What is the 'premium'?
A Country that Counts: The Complex Neo-Realist Perspective
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