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Chapter 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

Chapter 10 The Asian Exception? - Singapore: one of the 5 richest countries, highly educated, efficiently run, all without democracy - Prime minister Lee Kuan Yew who founded the current regime in power (People’s Action Party) is now the mentor for his son who is the current PM and together they have created the image of an advanced industrial state - Gaining 95% of votes there is no evidence of voter fraud - However the regime is quick to suppress challengers and to discipline its insecure elite = calibrated coercion - Its smooth functioning has allowed it to become a model for pseudodemocracy dictatorships around the world - the regime controls all media - legitimate on its grounds to deliver as seen in economic development political stability and low levels of corruption, affordable housing, secure pension systems - one of the most outspoken opposition politicians Chee has been targeted by Lee because he demonstrates a true threat to the PAP - but does the small state of Singapore offer a realistic model for larger pseudodemocracies such as China? The true Asian exception - Although Singapore may seem like one of the World’s least corrupt government it is also opaque - Not a lot of information is available about how the regime invests its foreign reserves and what it pays its top officials - Obsessed with racial fissure in a way that only makes them stronger - As education continues to rise less people will support the status quo and want more freedom in the press, politics etc - Also, many people in Asia in general show support for democratic values - South Asia, strong support for democracy bu
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