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Chapter 4

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Political Science

Chapter 4 What drives Democracy: the Internal Factors Primer - authoritarian regimes are legitimate when they are seen as the most appropriate form of government for their country - when it does not deliver what the people expect in exchange for authoritarian rule over order and economic development it forfeits its only basis of legitimacy - however, changing international circumstances increased the sense that authoritarian regimes lack legitimacy not only among its people but among powerful states globally - although force is somewhat necessary to compel compliance and punish behavior directed against the system, it is not the only thing backing a regime there must be a large majority of the population that believe in the regime Authoritarian Divisions - Divisions within the leadership of the regime or the support base of the regime are major factors in democratic transition - Usually the ruler loses its will/ cohesion before it loses its power - They lose this power when they become unneeded due to poor economic and political performance Authoritarian Development - economic development increased the cha chances of democracy and freedo
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