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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 External Factors that drive democracy Diffusion and Demonstration Effects - Emerging Democracies Forum conference was an opportunity for countries like Benin, Ghana, Namibia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Mongolia and Macedonia to give democracy-building guidelines - Transitions have become increasingly stimulated and structured over time creating a snowballing effect of earlier transitions which act as models for subsequent efforts at democratization - Shows that democratic change could happen, how it happens, and what to avoid giving examples from culturally similar countries - Usually countries hear about governing systems through radio or television and begin to ask the question “if there then why not here? “ - Television can also spark tactics of popular mobilization and protest (usually by student groups) - Diffusion effects are usually long term because they involve a gradual swing towards the values of personal liberty, pluralism, political voice, and market competition. Peaceful Pressure - strong linkages forge cultural bonds that help rally democratic societies and parliaments to lobby for the defense of human rights and democracy - however, international involvement has the potential to make authoritarian countries more sensitive to western countries if they feel overly pressured - also the desire to be accepted among developed nations may ply a key role in helping the transition to democracy to take place - important that the
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