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Chapter 11

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Political Science
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Chapter 11 Africa, Overcoming Personal Rule Primer - Nigeria in 1974 had a oil boom which was followed by a military coup that people anticipated would be short and lead back to democracy - Most people were happy about the military coup - But with the oil boom came mass governmental corruption as money flowed easily and quickly - However ordinary people lived in squalor - Most corruption is in the electoral process Developmental Trap - cycle of enormous natural wealth but human development is low - HIV/Aids, lack of fresh drinking water, high birth rates all lower the standard of living for the average person The Pathology of Personal Rule - oil and aid revenues only encourage a repressive state apparatus and feed corruption, lawlessness and personal rule - African states have been neopatrimonial because they combine the formal architecture of a modern bureaucratic state with the informal reality of personalized, unaccountable power and pervasive patron- client ties - Right to rule is given to a person rather than an office - Leads to the drive of production of private goods rather than public goods ( roads, bridges, markets, irrigation, education, health care, education, clean water) -
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