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Chapter 3 The Cold War Power Politics Ascendant Cold war was a comprehensive ideological geopolitical military and international rivalry between two superpowers and their respective allies and client statesHowever the superpowers never directly fought each otherFought in the international arena through diplomacy Called the long peace but millions diedDecolonization greatly increased the official number of states and development because a major international issueNonstate actors like multinational corporations and nongovernmental organizations became more prominentSeveral themes that persisted until the collapse of the Soviet Union Cyclical pattern of confrontation and cooperation Periods of high tension and crisis between superpowers alternating with periods of relative relaxation of tensions and increased levels of cooperation Good relations peaked between 1968 and 1978 called detente where both countries sought restraint and increased cooperation with each others relationsThe nuclear stalemate Majority of the Cold War especially after the 1960s each superpower was vulnerable to complete destruction by the nuclear arsenal of the otherNuclear deterrence became the dominant military strategy of the Cold War Development of informal rules and mutual understandings Over time the superpowers established formalinformal agreements that often guided relations between them
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