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Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

Global Politics The Discipline and Its Theoretical FoundationsChapter 1Canada and Global Politicsnd 2 largest territory in the worldth 9 largest economy No military threats to its territory or political independence Very high standard of living Largely free of violence involving states Canadian economy is heavily reliant on trade and international relationsPart of NAFTA 911 had a significant impact on Canadian troop commitments in places like Afghanistan and security in Canadian bordersairspace Belongs to many international forums and instutions G8 NATO Commonwealth La Francophonie United Nations Multilateralism Three pillars of Canadian foreign policysecurity prosperity and promotion of Canadian values have not been altered for many yearsInternational Relations International relations theory is a body of literature which seeks to explain the nature of the international system and behaviour of the actors within it International security involved the study of conflictwar and examines ethnic and religious conflicts and the links between environment and security Study of international political economy grew in the 1960s and 1970s as issues like trade finance and foreign dept because more prominent in affairsThree main levels of study that demand attentionIndividual LevelDecisions on individuals perceptions values and experiences that motivate such decisions usually emphasizes the role of political leaders The nature of the environment and the situation around them affects and influences the actorsState of Group LevelBehaviour of individual states which is often attributed to government
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