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Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

History and Global Politics War and Peace To understand the present we need to understand historyIt can provide case examples to things like origins of war terrorism and political tension within statesTo understand or address the conflict in Afghanistan requires awareness of cultural evolution of the country as well as its past experiences with foreign policiesThe division of Korea must be understood with its reference to World War 2 and the Korean WarEtc History can be defined differently depending on who youre askingMany states have suffered major trauma through some events and have therefore omitted some facts from their history for example North Korea omitted many things about the Korean War and Japan with WW2 Religious factions and women may feel that theyve been left out of history when they shouldve been involved more and therefore THEY have their own version of history History is vulnerable to being changed for political reasonsBriefly study the relationship between history and global politics and three key themes1 History is most often presented as it is here in the textbook as the history of war and conflict and the rise and fall of civilizations states and empiresRealist perspective on global politics which emphasizes historical continuity of balance and power politics the importance of alliances and the inevitability of warView is not necessarily inaccurate just complete2 Developments in history have had a defining impact on the development of theories of war and peace these two are inseparable3 History reveals the importance of ideas as driving forces of change and conflict Religious faiths and political ideologies have had an enormous impact on the evolution of human societies and how they interactThe Ancient Legacy The Rise and Fall of Civilizations and Empires
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