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Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

CHAPTER5InternationalInstitutionsandLaw International Organizations and International Law are seen as the conceptual and regulatory core of international society of states as the instrumental arm of what is popularly termed global governance the study of IOs and IL Liberal institutions look to view IOs as international solutions to market problems Realists are less enthusiastic about the purpose and prospects of international institutions and laws which they see it as a pursuit for national interestsLittle cause significance to IL but recognize IOs potentials to intervene in conflict situationsNeoMarxistsGramscians would argue that important elements of the superstructure of the capitalist systemthe institutions and ideologies enforcing and justifying the socioeconomic ordercan be found at the IOIL level Constructivists argue that by participation in IOs such as the EU or African Union AU states change their own identities and thus their estimation of selfinterest in the process Two types if IOs exist IGOs intergovernmental organizations and NGOs nongovernmental organizations All IGOs share characteristicsComprise states and only statesCreated by treaties between states and have legal standing under ILHold meetings attended by delegates from member statesPermanent HQ and an executive secretariat that runs daytoday activities of the organization hold regular meetingsPermanent administrative employees who work for organization and do not represent their governments rather they are international bureaucratsof IGOs over the Years 1909 there were 371960 there were 154 1987 there were 381 Currently more than 400 IGOs are vital to less powerful states like Canadathat have many connections to the international diplomatic scene but have a limited capacity to influence international events on their own Many Canadians such as Lester Pearson Yves Fortier Stephen Lewis Elizabeth Dowdeswell Douglas Roche Louise Arbour Maurice Strong and Louise Frchette have played highprofile roles at the United Nations Important to recognize the wide scope of activities in which international organizations engageThe UNis involved in issueareas as diverse as international and civil war technology gender relations humanitarian assistance and disaster relief literacy pollution abatement decolonization human rights and IL disarmament important treaties such as the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and significant conferences such as the June 2008 Global Food Security Summit in Rome UN has hundreds of sections that apply to different casesInternational Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of WomenPopulation FundOffice for the Coordination of Humanitarian AffairsInternational Civil aviation OrganizationWorld Intellectual Property OrganizationUNAIDS
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