Postwar Reconstrsutin 2nd version

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Michael Painter- Main

February 14 2011Paper Different views Compare the different perspectives Similarities and differencesPostwar ReconstructionAsias Rise Government intervention They created strategic policies that intervened in the market in order to produce a comparative advantage Infant industry protection Hamilton making foreign competition more expensive increasing tariff barriers Manipulate the market Picking and making market winnersHad to pick sectors that were suited for their own industrial economy Examples computers technology etc Picked winners accordingly American patronageAmericans helped them out a lot Military support from communist expansion in the 1960s Development state Institutions were hierarchy only the best and the brightest were invited in Export oriented growth Needed to export Outlier or Model Market regarding Smith These economies were market regarding They had a keen sense of what consumers wanted Ideal Smith student Mercantilist List and HamiltonPredicatated on government interventionPredicated on economic nationalism Used policies to comparative advantage Dependent development Lenin and Wallerstein Developed on foreign markets foreign and etc These economies plugged into market during good times
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