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In the essay The End of History Fukuyama claims that soon there will be no more history to be made This is because his definition of history is mankinds ideological evolution Fukuyama 201 This evolution consists of mankind evolving from savages to civilized human beings Along the way there have been innumerable conflicts and atrocities which we record and define as history However Fukuyama believes that currently we have achieved the highest form of government which he believes is liberal democracy As liberal democracy slowly spreads this will eventually eliminate all conflicts except for the ones motivated by economic development Fukuyama cites the defeat of Japan and the imposition of American democrac Francis Fukuyama wrote a very interesting article called The End of History he was mainly saying in a hypothetical sense that the worlds society will simply stop evolving and maintain peace and stability without war and conflict He also made a point to say that we will eventually have a liberal government and that is the last government that we will have Fukuyama Fukuyama predicted that the end of the Cold War was going to be the last major conflict but the end of history as such that is the end of man kinds ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human democracy Fukuyama 2 I agree with his Both Huntington and Fukuyama have mainly the same topics that kind of go together but a few things here and there that are different The both believe that there will be and end to history one thinks that it is the end of history after the Cold War Fukuyama
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