Reading - Authoritarian Impermanence

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Authoritarian Impermanence Even though the regime claims to be a Chinese form of democracy, it admits that its authority has never been subject to popular review and is never intended to be - The regime is branded as an expedient, something temporary and transitional needed to meet the exigencies of the time Democratic regimes also face disappointment and frustration, but they confront no rival form that outshines them in prestige The regime is willing to change in any way that helps it to stay in power, but is unwilling to relax the ban on autonomous political forces Regime change will likely occur through some kind of rupture, if at all Chinas transition will not resemble the Soviet Unions for several reasons: - It is not in an arms race it cannot afford - It is not overextended in a security rivalry with
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