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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

Socrates and adiemantus’ city in speech They both agree that each human isn’t self sufficient and because of the need/reilaince is how a city comes to be. Multiple needs require multiple persons. They believe this is the only way a city comes to be. Difference perhaps is the idea of “partners and helpers” Settlement = city Sharing and giving is out of ones own self interest. Hierarchy of needs goes 1. food 2. housing 3. clothing n stuff For the city to be self sufficient. Necessity = four or five men. The idea that each works for his/her own needs (example of the farmer) Everyone is different in nature and as such can do different jobs. One should focus one’s energy on one art. And the art is according to his/her nature. In order to best do this other people of finer arts are required to be partners in the city. Imports will be needed. People must overproduced beyond what is required for them as well as things they themselves do not need. Agents of transaction, merchants, will be required in the ever-growing city. More and more specialization (for trade for example) City was made for buying and selling. The original partnership was a microcosm of the city as a whole. The market is needed for the macro, as well as a currency. The position of the tradesman, they are physically weak, and exchange things fro the currency. They are a fixture in the market. Those of weaker mental capacity, who cannot be in a partnership, but have physical ability, do labor. (wage workers) They are the lifeblood of the city. Reb blood cell analogy – one track but essential in their cooperation for the body to function. Adeimantus – justice comes out of the cooperation of men. A need. The life the men will lead will be one well provided for. They will not produce children beyond what they can handle because that leads to poverty and war. They will not be without luxuries or relishes. Aristotle Book II People cannot live without another. Makes note that both male and females are needed to “leave behind another that is like oneself”. Cooperation includes natural rulers and ruled in order for survival (?) Those with forsight/vision=rulers and those who can carry out such vision physically are slaves and such this cooperation is good for both parties. “nature makes nothing in an economizing spirit… but one thing with a view to one thing; and each instrument would perform most finely if it served one task rather than many. Aristotle belives in categorization of humans into ability and that one stick to ones ability as it is dictated by nature. Next comes the house (house, woman, ox) HEIRARCHY. House is a natural partnership for daily needs. Next comes the union of households (several) this is for nondaily needs, but because they are needs nonetheless, the village is “an e
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