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thJan 9 2014Summary of Plato 1 327a 334b Short hand namesPolemarchus poly Socrates socGlaucon GlauCephalusCeph327Socrates and Glaucon enter the scene going to Piraeus to pray to the Goddess thinking of how the festival would be conducted since they were holding it for eth first time oOne thing to note is that they are both young men actually putting in time for prayerYoung age do ppl really think about prayer and religion For the young ppl are full of passion and prone to acting upon the spontaneous feelings and sudden urges and you aspirations of youthSo on their way Polemarchus and a group of his friends see Socrates and Glaucon along the way He ordered a slave boy to catch up to the two boys and tell them to wait for Poly oThe fact that poly has a slave means that he is rich Basically poly threatens soc and glau to go with them to his house or else the two of them r strong enough to take on a lot of menAlong with threatening them to go to his house polys friend Adeimantus tries to excite them of eth benefit of going with themAnd yet along with persuading them of eth benefits of joining their company poly continues to be authoritative about their decision in which presenting that they have no choice Glau is the first to give in which them leads to sco agreeing as well since soc would be all alone in his stance if he
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