The Prince Textbook Notes (4-6)

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Clifford Orwin

The Prince Chapters 46Machiavelli further elaborates how it is difficult for a prince to hold a state he has just acquiredHe uses the example of Alexander the Great because based on his analysis Alexander acquired his land successfully on his own and that they were lost due to the ambitions of his other governorsTwo different kinds of principality governing first by a prince and servants loyal to him or by a prince and barons the latter group be loyal to their own bloodlines and not the princeThe first form of governing sees the prince being more popular and secure in his state because the prince is seen as the only authority In the other form the prince is less highly regarded for there are barons who command popular authority as wellMachiavelli uses the Turkish state as an example of the first governing method and France as an example of the secondThe point being made is that it is a lot easier to govern a state that is used to uniform government and much more difficult to govern a state with layered authority however it is easier to obtain a state with layered authority than one with a uniform authorityWhat allows for a layered authority to be easily conquered is the corruptible nature of individuals who can let you in to impose your ruleOnce again historical references are used to back this argumentWhere what we
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