The Prince Textbook Note (10-14)

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

The Prince 1014 y To measure the strength of a principality one can look at the relative strength of its prince y A strong prince is one who can rely upon his own skill and resources to fund an army y A weak prince is a prince who relies upon the strength and ability of others and cannot enter the field of battle themselves but only through the arms of others y For princes who rely upon the arms of others it is necessary that he fortifies his town against attackers and avoid defending the country themselves y In the latter case where a town is well fortified it will not often be attacked for rarely do men engage in tasks that will overly difficult y The example of Germanic kingdoms is given German towns are well fortified and have a citizenry that is learned in the art of war that can defend itself in conflict for long periods of time Trying to take one of these cities is a therefore a daunting task that most would rather avoid y In the event of an attack the prince with good defenses or good arms will inevitably prevail because he can repulse the attacks of his enemies y Furthermore a well armed prince will be able to rally the people to him since without the defences of the prince the people would be ruined and will seek out his benefits y Machiavelli furthers his view that people rally to others for the benefits that person can bring in his defining the selfserving nature of people y Attention is now turned towards the ecclesiastical principality that is to sa
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