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Chapter 3-5

Machiavelli, The Prince: Chapters 3-5

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

thPOL200Y1 Visions of the JustGood Society January 18 2012 Machiavelli The Prince Chapter 3 Of Mixed Principalities ndy Countries that have rebelled are later acquired for 2 time they are lost w more difficulty because the lord seizing the opportunity offered by rebellion is less hesitant to secure himself by punishing offenders exposing suspects and providing for himself in weakest spots y Such states which when acquired are added to an ancient state of him who acquires them are either of the same province and same language or not y When they are they may be held w great ease esp if they are not used to living free y To possess them securely it is enough to have eliminated line of prince whose dominions they were y When old conditions are maintained for them in other things and there is no disparity of customs men live quietly and although there may be some disparity of language nonetheless the customs are similar and they can easily bear w one another y And whoever acquires them if he wants to hold them must have 2 concerns that bloodline of their ancient prince be eliminated and not to later either their laws or their taxes y So in very short time it becomes one whole body w their ancient principality y But difficulties arise when one acquires states in province disparate in language
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