POL201Y1 Chapter 1: Critical Development Theory: moving out of the twilight zone by FRANS J SCHUURMAN

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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

Pol201 – Critical Development Theory: moving out of the twilight zone by FRANS J SCHUURMAN • 1.) interdisciplinary tends to be associated with lower academic prestige • 2) because of the interdisciplinary approach, development studies continuously has to deal with the spill-over effects of the scientific flux in neighbouring disciplines • There is an undeniable trend for development studies institutes, as part of academia, to have to operate increasingly according to a market logic • Being involved in research into poverty, marginalization and ‘into the plight of the Third World’ in general has not saved development studies from having to justify itself in terms of input and output of students, the number of publications in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals, the annual count of large-scale outside-financed research projects, etc. o This trend stands in contradistinction to the original critical contents of the mission and scientific object of development studies. o Neoliber
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